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Call Cyborg!

Teen Titans Songset Challenge Community
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Welcome to Titan_Songset, the first and only lyrical icon challenge for "Teen Titans"!
This is another one of those LJ icon challenge communities. We're here to make icons using lyrics from songs we like with images from the Cartoon Network show, "Teen Titans."

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Okay, ready to apply? Here's how you do it.

LJ Username: (the name of the journal under which you will be posting)

Subject (Character/Episode/Pairing): (if you have a different type of claim, please comment and we'll see if it's acceptable)

Song: (link to lyrics would be lovely, btw)

Every community has rules, and this one is no different.

1. ONLY TEEN TITANS ICONS WILL BE ACCEPTED! If you haven't gathered that by now, I think a new brain is in order.

1a. We are not an icon advertising community! If you want to show off the new icons you just made, take it to titan_graphics please and thank you.

2. You must be a member to apply! Submit at the Submission Post, obviously.

2a. You will only be given posting access after your claim is approved!

3. If you unjoin before your claim is free, your claim will be passed on to someone else.

4. You have five weeks to complete all thirty [30] icons in your claim!

4a. You must complete all your icons within the timespan given. If you cannot for some reason, please post in the Submission Post asking for an extension. You will receive a one-week extension. If you cannot finish your claim, you can ask for it to be put on hold. Once it is on hold, that spot will be freed up for someone else to take, but you will still have that claim, to be finished whenever you are able.

4b. After your claim is approved, you must post a batch (at least 3 icons) within one week. If you do not, your claim will be dropped. NO EXCEPTIONS.

5. Up to four people can icon the same claim at the same time. Please check to see if your claim has been taken. If it has, don't get snippy about not getting do it immediately. Snarkiness/bitchiness will only get you banned

6. You may claim up to two subjects at once, but please try not to take on claims needlessly and not finish them.

7. All icons must feature at least three consecutive words from your song. Please don't edit lyrics, and don't just use tiny text brushes -- that is cheating.

8. When posting, please post thusly:
# of icons in this batch:
# of icons completed total:
Notes (Credits, Comments, Etc):

9. If you experience any problems, please contact a mod -- we're here to help, not just sit there glaring menacingly, promise :)

You will have 15 Themes and 15 Free/Artist's Choice icons to complete. Stay within the theme, but please be creative! We don't want to feel like the themes are inhibiting creativity, because that would be sucky.

01. Emotion
02. Out of the Box (non100x100)
03. Texture
04. Together (more than one person on the icon)
05. Upside Down (character/person/whatever must be upside down, obviously)
06. Power
07. Light
08. Monochrome
09. Colourizaiton (selective colouring - colouring only part of an icon)
10. Blend (blending two images seamlessly into one - example by karoru)
11. Faceless (nothing from the neck up can be in the icon)
12. Smile
13. Perspective (subject must be in foreground, looking away at something)
14. Fight! (your subject fighting someone, an image from a battle, lyric, etc)
15. Alone (only one person on the icon)

sociologique: creator, claims list, banners
karoru: memories, banners
__darkmatter: memories
deltashade: theme moderation



Wanna be one? Comment on the Affiliation Post and we'll add you :D